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Building community, one story at a time.


Wee-WaWs (mini-shows)

While the Charles River Museum of Industry remains the home for mainstage WaW shows with longer-format stories, mini-shows (or Wee-WaWs) at smaller venues aim to engage smaller groups of people with shorter stories. These mini-shows may have a combination of tellers from previous shows and new tellers and may offer opportunities for audience participation. 


We are Waltham for the Common Good 

  • 4 to 6 featured tellers share 5-minute true stories from their lives.

  • Local musicians fill short breaks with live music.

  • Audience members are invited to participate by submitting written, true micro-stories ahead of time or at the show The host picks some of these stories to be read out loud in the 2nd half of the evening. Entries can be submitted from this website (see link below) or written on paper slips at the cafe. Reminder: true, personal stories, not fiction, poetry, hate or violence. Story selection is at the hosts discretion.

  • The cafe will have coffee, mocktails and desserts for purchase.

  • Tickets are $5 and help fund the We are Waltham show. If this is a financial burden please email to request a free ticket. The request will remain private at the time of entry. 

Next show: Spring: May 8th  

Fall: October 9th

7 - 9 pm, Common Good Cafe, 419 Moody Street, Waltham

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