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Building community, one story at a time.


Partially funded by a grant from the Waltham Cultural Council


David LeBlanc

David says: "I'm a Spanish-speaking grino and a descendant of the Penobscot, a Native American trive in Maine. I'm a licensed social worker and work in student support services at the Waltham Partnership for Youth (WPY)". This story discusses mental health, suicide

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Ash Abrahams

Ash is an educator for Elementart school and an Art specialist who focuses on painting and photography. This story discusses homosexuality


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Gabrielle Garschina-Bobrow

Gabby teaches Spanish in Belmont High School, loves company and that give-and-take of energy and perspectives. She's happiest when she is learning new things about people.


Musical interlude

Local musicians generously played some music while the audience took a break. Many thanks to Stephen Garschina-Bobrow & Lynn Mathews.

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Nila Desai

Nila is a beautician and self-made business woman. English is not her first language but she took to the stage with the courage and confidence that is her defining characteristic. Her salon is 'Dreams Beauty Salon and Spa' at 88 Willow Street. This story touches upon domestic violence


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Rachel Parzivand

Rachel works with Middle School kids who have reading disabilities in Wellesley, MA. She likes to help out, create community and is the backbone of Waltham Mutual Aid, (WMA), a group that supports disadvantaged Waltham families.


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Harry LeCoste

Harry is an early education teacher, puppeteer, comedian and twin. His credits include wrangling kids on the show 'Sesame Steel, performing at Brookline's Puppet Showplace Theater and Good News Gus. More about them at story touches upon miscarriage


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'Thanks' to close out the evening and important information about forthcoming shows. An experimental open-mic section at the end of the evening was not recorded.

Show 1 

24th June, 2022

The first show was on 24th June, 2022 a the Charles River Museum. There was a packed house, live music in the interval from from local musicians and good community conversation and engagement after the show.

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