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Building community, one story at a time.


Show 3

28th April, 2023

The third show was on 28th April, 2023 at the Charles River Museum. Like before, the show was sold out with great audience turnout. A raffle was held for the first time - baby Jade plants from the parent plant that featured in Dina's story. The winners were thrilled to take home a piece of Waltham history.


Partially funded by a grant from the Waltham Cultural Council

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About the show from creator, Chandreyee Lahiri

Hear Chandreyee Lahiri, show creator, talk about how and why she created this show and her goals. More about her at

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Myriam Michel

Myriam is the Executive Director of Healthy Waltham (an org. dedicated to serving underserved and low income families), founder of M and M Elite events, a boutique event management company. She grew up in Waltham, loves books, plantains, clementines and her family though not in that order.

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Mateo Cruz

A Waltham transplant who spends his days typing on his laptop in the Common Good Cafe. He spends alot of time with his freinds, the Poo Crew and analyzing episodes of Survivor with his brilliant wife Laura Geary Cruz. He loves sad music, sad movies, Prosecco and deep conversations, ideally all at the same time. 

Dina 6.jpg

Dina Warchal

Dina comes from a a mluti-generation Waltham family. She loves music but especially Aerosmith who practised here in the warehouse. She loves famliy and describes herself as an on-th-go person.

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Rico Brown

Rico grew up in Cambridge but liked hanging out in Waltham so much that 10 years ago he moved here. He really, really loves classic cars. He also has a passion for shaping young mans, teaching and helping the community. He is a recognizalbe figure at the Healthy Waltham Food pantries where he works tirelessly.

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Chandreyee Lahiri

Chandreyee is a writer of fiction, teller of stories. She works for the DCR making maps and playing with data and tries not to embarass her 16 year old son too often. She tries to tell stories that connects people and creates community and runs this show.

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Alicia Hutton

Alicia and  her husband Miles have 2 daughters in Waltham public schools. They have been proud residents of the South Side of Waltham since 2005. Alicia loves pickleball, especially the courts at Graverson. She loves cats, writing, cooking (but not baking) and...true crime shows. 

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Wrap up

'Thanks' to close out the evening and important information about forthcoming shows. An experimental open-mic section at the end of the evening was not recorded.

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