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Building community, one story at a time.


Show 2

23rd September, 2022

The second show was on 23rd September, 2022 at the Charles River Museum. Like before, the show was sold out with great audience turnout. The open mic section was skipped in favor of more time for community interaction.


Partially funded by a grant from the Waltham Cultural Council


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About the show from creator, Chandreyee Lahiri

Hear Chandreyee Lahiri, show creator, talk about how and why she created this show and her goals. More about her at

Emily Forsyth Queen 5.jpg

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Emily Forsyth Queen

Emily does not like being asked what her job is. Instead, ask her 'Are you wearing a silver unitard under that?'. She also says that she tends to her relationships better that her poor houseplants. 

Shirley Bergman Dorris 2.jpg

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Shirley Bergman Dorris

Originally from Tennessee, Shirley made Waltham her home 7 years ago. Her retinal disorder is genetic and for 20 years has filled her life with hazy shapes and indistinct colors. Though legally blind, she can 'see' the things that count like friendship and love.

Nipun Kaplish 2.jpg

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Nipun Kaplish

An IT technician from India, Nipun is youngest in his family and a self declared 'spoilt brat'. In his 20s he felt an itch to see whats out there in the world and left for college in South Africa, winding up eventually in Waltha. He believes in community, karma and connection. 

Dennis Montgomery 1.jpg

Dennis Montgomery

Dennis is a Canadian import who made Waltham home 17 years afo. Programmer by day, occasional writer by night he is a dad and husband 24/7. His Twitter bio also says 'Maker of kickass pancakes'

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Jack Wozak 4.jpg

Jack Wozak

Jack was born and raised in the Chicago area but has been in Waltham 23 years. He is a regular on the track circuit, coaches kids and is the proud father of 4. He is a self-identified 'Data geek'

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German Lam 1.jpg

German Lam

Masterchef, Lifecoach and inspirational speaker, German is the force behind which is why you may have seen him on TV or in a newspaper. He is a Cancer victor and dedicated dad. 

WaW Waltham Day Chandreyee 2.jpg

Wrap up

'Thanks' to close out the evening and important information about forthcoming shows. An experimental open-mic section at the end of the evening was not recorded.

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Click on photo to watch

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