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Explore the lives and experiences of residents of Waltham, MA through true stories told in the first person.

In a world increasingly fractured by ideology and suffering from Pandemic fallout, peeking into each other's realities might help address isolation and division.  

Building community, one story at a time.


Big WaW
Main show at the museum

Fall: September 27th 

7 - 9 pm, Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation,

154 Moody Street, Waltham

The Spring show on April 26th was wonderful. An engaged audience and authentic tellers plus a fun raffle made for a great night. The next big show at the Museum is September 27th. Tickets will go on sale a month in advance. Please mark your calendars.

About this event

In the historic mill building that Waltham grew around a few hundred years ago, tellers from all walks of life share true stories from their lives. They are coached by show creator (Chandreyee Lahiri) and together, represent the many facets of the Waltham community of today.  

✔️6 tellers. Usually new tellers, though show alumni may fill slots vacated by last minute cancellations.

✔️6-minute true stories that gives us a look into different lives and experiences.

✔️Raffles in the mid-time break. Usually show merchandise (tote bags) and sometimes, objects featured in a story.

A smaller WaW show

Spring: May 8th

7 - 9 pm, Common Good Cafe,

419 Moody Street, Waltham

collab weewaw.JPG
  • Tickets have sold out very fast in the past so act now.

  • If price is an obstacle, email for a free ticket.  

About this event

Common Good Co. is joining forces again with We Are Waltham (aka WaW) for a mini-show or a Wee-WaW for the second time this year. Come hear real life stories from people in our neighborhood!

✔️4 featured tellers *alumni of the show) will share 5-minute true stories from their lives.

✔️Local musicians will fill short breaks with live music.

✔️Share your own true story! Write it that night or submit now from here. The host will pick some to share or even invite you to read it at the mic.

About the show


What is this show?

How does it work?


Watch past shows

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Watch recordings of previous shows on the show's YouTube channel.



Do you have a true story to share or know someone who'd be great for the show?

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